Mea Culta

Mea Culta is the latest womenswear label by Brisbane designer, Cyan Reign. Encompassing the strengths of previous works and commercially evolving, Mea Culta seeks to appeal to both the fashion forward and general public alike. Fine fabrics, custom prints and high quality are just a few of the things to expect from this new label.

The inaugural collection, Imaginari is bold, yet whimsical and sultry. Focusing on the beauty and uniqueness of the ever-changing landscape of the imagination, this collection features feminine details of ruffles, puffs and florals in designs that hint at modesty while allowing the wearer to embrace their sensual side if desired.

Teddy McRitchie

Having lived on the Sunshine Coast until he was 3-years-old, Teddy and his family moved to the tiny island of Norfolk Island in the South Pacific Ocean. Whilst living there for 11-years, Teddy was first introduced to wearable art at the local wearable art show. In 2015 at just 11-years-old, he created his first wearable art design, it took out 3 awards and he has never looked back since. Moving back the Sunshine Coast in 2018 for more opportunities, he began creating a network of national and international designers, artists and creatives. His creations have been shown across South-East Queensland, Sydney, Perth and Northern Tasmania. He describes his pieces as eye-catching, with a strong silhouette, usually made from recycled materials or new innovative materials. His designs are Avant-Garde or other worldly, something you wouldn’t expect. The now 19-year-old hopes to study in London in the future.


Outer was born in Brazil, lived across five continents, and calls Australia home for the last 15 years. With a background in engineering and a successful long career in science, the tension between reasoning and feeling has always accompanied her and found space in her creative work. 

Outer’s innovative approach to textile art and fashion design includes the creation of unique fabric patterns based on her drawings and 3D-textiles through fabric manipulation techniques. 

Her artwork is focused on the tension between the uniqueness of the individual and the collectiveness of the society and the environment in which they belong. 

With artworks across illustrations in canvas, textile sculptures, textile designs, and fashion designs, you may find an Outer unique piece in an art gallery exhibition or on the runway of a fashion week around the globe.

Kaska Dena Designs

Natasha Peter is a single mother to a 4-year-old baby girl who she’s proudly teaching her Dena ways. She is from Ross River, Yukon Canada and she is Kaska First Nation. She is a member of the Wolf Clan, she was raised on Kaska Lands and kaska ways. Her family history line is kaska, southern Tutchone, Tlingit, and Scottish a long line of strong people, her Dena name is Dena’sqwella- which means moose-skin scrapper in Kaska Dena Language-also refers to “hard-worker”. Her Dena name came from her great grandmother Mary Charlie’s grandmother on her fathers side of the family.

She had started Kaska Dena Designs as a hobby 7 years ago while she had attended college to upgrade her skills to become a nurse. During this time of life, she was in a dark spot of her life, she didn’t know where she was going or what her purpose was in life. She was fighting addictions at the time, a year had passed by, then two years and little did she know, her creations and Dena skills was healing her. So, when she had realized this – she stuck it out and continued creating. Her sewing skills taught from her elders, who are no longer alive today, her grand parents who she cherishs and admire are no longer alive.

She’s here carrying on their legacy and passing onto the next generation and showing them how important it is to keep their Dena ways alive and most importantly her daughter, she can also pass onto her children. Her designs are traditionally handmade that are luxurious modernized – contemporary clothing and jewelry.

Dr. Christina Rahm for Merci Dupre

Dr Christina Rahm is a world renowned Scientist , Entrepreneur and Author. This year she is featuring Merci Dupre Clothiers, expected to become the ultimate in eco-fashion luxury, will host environmentally protective technology to stave off and repel hazardous toxins. The unique line of ‘Enviremware’ will host patented, nano-biotech formulas woven into the textile material, offering an unbeatable barrier against EMF radiation, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus, while supporting non-exposure of radio frequency electromagnetic particles from 5G.

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